Discipleship is what we are all about. Jesus called his followers not only to be disciples, but also to make disciples wherever they go (Matthew 28). To that end, we seek to become a family of "disciple-making disciples." One way this happens is through the ministries of the church. Our preaching, our Bible studies, our classes, and even our fellowship times are opportunities to make disciples. But discipleship doesn't end there.  

Discipleship happens over coffee as two people discuss the Word together. Discipleship happens as an older woman counsels a young mother. Discipleship happens as men gather to help an older member of the church with household chores, and they take time to pray for one another. As we mature, discipleship becomes "what we do."

Mountain View Baptist Church is becoming a training ground for disciples, with our members learning to encourage one another in the Gospel and growing into the men and women Jesus has called us to be.

Discipleship begins at 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. on Sunday evenings.

(Parents or Guardians must sign their child (Birth-6th grade) in at the children's welcome center in the main foyer before class.)  

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