MVBC Online Giving

MVBC offers online giving through  Online giving is a safe and easy way to support MVBC.  Please note: charges 2.9% + $.30 of every transaction via credit or debit card as a processing fee.  If you choose not to cover the fee, the church will have to cover it.  *(Bank Draft Fee - 1%+.30) 

(American Express-3.5%+.30)

We at MVBC utilize the "3 Streams, 1 River" Stewardship Emphasis.  

Ministry Stream-Funds to carry on our normal budget (MOST VITAL)

Mortgage Stream-Funds to pay on our building debt.

Mission Stream-Funds to carry on mission projects of MVBC

For more information about the "3 Streams, 1 River" emphasis, click here.

***IMPORTANT:  The only fund listed on the online giving form will be the "Ministry Stream" (General Fund).  If you plan on giving to multiple streams (funds) at one time online (Ministry, Mortgage, and Mission Streams), you will need to indicate in the "note/memo field" of the online giving form how much of your total donations should be divided up in each of the "Three Streams".  ONLY DIVIDE THE "INITIAL TOTAL GIFT".  DO NOT DIVIDE THE TOTAL "WITH FEES" IF YOU CHOOSE TO COVER THE FEE YOURSELF.   IF YOU DO NOT INDICATE ANYTHING IN THE "NOTE/ MEMO FIELD", ALL OF YOUR GIFT WILL GO INTO THE MINISTRY STREAM (GENERAL FUND)

Click here to learn how to create a account.

Click here for FAQ's for donors.

*Please contact the church office by email: or phone (205-993-4610) for questions about online giving.